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The AWS Story and Commitment

AWS’ beginnings came from our founder’s realizations that business success isn’t just an advertisement or good hiring. It comes from the business’ pieces working together holistically…. making every department an area of excellence. Then using this information to improve now while planning for the future. But, how?

She mixed and matched different successful business approaches and the See, Transform, Market, Prosper concept emerged.

It’s application finds ways to assess companies and lead them to increased profitability. The ultimate success comes from companies consistently applying the solution customized for them.

Now, what exactly is Spadaro. Spadaro is our founder’s family name and also is an Italian word for soldier. That’s why you see the words troop and other similar words as you browse around the site.

But mostly, the concept means we will fight for you and serve you well. Therefore …

Your commitment, with ours, equals victory.

Maryanne “Spadaro” Grady

Maryanne Panaro Grady

AWS’ Founder & CEO is an insight-driven executive bringing understanding to find results. Knowing you need to look at your business fiscally, strategically, operationally and through governance, she ensures AWS looks at your business uniquely and remedies your challenging situations.

From a solid track record in fast-paced startups, consultancies, Fortune 100 organizations and internationally she brings perspectives fueling the See, Transform, Market and Prosper process.

Two of her accomplishments include … producing $1 billion for a company in a mere 3 months. The other is that one of her projects became a case study frequently used in Harvard Business School covering customer-centric re-engineering.

That doesn’t mean that we guarantee that kind of results for everything we do. But, it does mean that exceptional results are possible if you are willing to change things up. She sure does.

As for education, she studied psychology and biology as SUNY undergraduate and graduate study in management from what she calls “a designer school.”

Her loves are her film-maker son, relaxing lake-side in the Adirondacks and spontaneous trips and projects. And, let’s not forget her AWS team.

Meet the Team

Each consultant we introduce into your process and projects are specialists in their area. That means you have the best delivering for you.

We have strategists, planners, business intelligence/researchers, marketers, digital/SEO and social media leaders, technologists, process mappers, operation managers, omnichannel experts, data managers, sales leaders, money managers, HR specialists and a chemist.

Ready to See, Transform, Market and Prosper?

Time for us to get to know eachother. We at AWS are ready. 

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