What You Need

Making Your Action Our Action

The See, Transform, Market, Prosper process is a holistic way to review and guide an organization of any-size.

Below you’ll find some more detail to the process and determine if you need all, some or a related project or two.

And, below that are some trending business practices that you might want to know more about.

See – Listening, Learning, Producing Vision and Strategy


Transform – Looking at Your Full Organization to Improve its functionality and competitiveness


Market – Creating the Correct Outreach Methodology to Generate Awareness, Relationships and Revenue



Product Assessment – Deliberate Choices

Product attributes and makeup are a big part of the See, Transform, Market, Prosper concept.

Product Philosophy: Adjacent products and businesses are more successful because they leverage existing strengths and infrastructure. This is determined by qualitative and quantitative measures. There development and position also rely on interdependencies.


Prosper – Financial Views of Your Organization to Manage to Sustain Growth



Just Some Trendy Stuff

As the business world advances, some terms and practices become in “vogue.” Here are some. See if any strike you as ones that can help your business.

  1. Developing metrics and data. There is so much data in your systems, your business partners, your customers, that you need a way to harness it and make it meaningful. It feeds every aspect of your business and See, Transform, Market, Prosper.
  2. Behavior Research of prospect and customers by querying and watching online activity.
  3. Crowdfunding – Many companies are using this to build relationships within their category with open-minded personalities with disposable income. Social Media is a big part of this.
  4. Omnichannel – Finding ways to deliver your products consistently no matter which channel it originates from. It fulfills the customer need for immediacy and consistency to bond them to you.
  5. Social media – It’s a way of life for almost every demographic. Entering that space is essential whether it’s on LinkedIn or Instagram.
    • Influencers– Finding people with a following and get them to try and recommend your products.
  6. Digital – Apps, websites, online channels and webmaster metrics can help you build strong relationships with your customer base. Embed, Embed, Embed.
    • The Funnel – This is a distinction for AWS. Usually this is an engagement tactic mostly applied to lead generation to conversion via digital behavior. AWS expands this to a more comprehensive view of all inputs determining which best (or series of which) lead to conversion.
  7. Building a quality team – Education, attitude and methods of working are changing. Quality and longevity no longer go together.
  8. Most Viable Product – Finding the sweet spot where quick development and execution can meet customer needs — Velocity to market and sales.

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