4 Client Accomplishments – Let Us Accomplish for You Too

$1 Billion in 3 Months

Challenged to lend without disrupting its troubled consumer credit portfolio, a major international bank was needed some help. AWS suggested and executed the following … Looked at loan customers and offered home equities to those with home value over 50% of their existing loan.

In the first 6 weeks, $600 million in loans were brought in. The program was extended for 6 more weeks and another $400 million was brought in. Accomplished.

Kerstmarkt Dusseldorf

Accessory Startup With Big Vision

An innovative entrepreneur wanted to grow his existing business to fund other startups dedicated to the minimalist lifestyle. This lifestyle does not have a formed ecosystem.

Working with the CEO, AWS created a vision document to outline the path to accomplish this goal. Then, we created a 3-year execution plan to create the infrastructure and financial structure to make this happen. The company has opened a second company, has increased staff and begun simulating the ecosystem he is starting to implement.

Romance Writer Needs an Audience

A critically acclaimed romance writer needed to build stronger relationships with her audience. Social media wasn’t growing her following. Working with her, we created a number of online events.

She did have some loyal readers. Using them, as well as online advertising, we were able to get targets to attend the first online events. They were asked to write bout it if they liked. Over the course of 5 months we grew her social media followers from 2,500 to 13,000. Her follower-loyalty has grown and she has sold $220K in books. Accomplished.

Technology Company Needing Funding

Finding a way to unify data from Internet of Things (IoT) is the goal of this technology company. This unique technology is complex and needed funding to build it. We had worked with the inventors on another project, so, they knew our ability. Together, we created a proposal for an NSF seed grant and successfully moved through this process. Accomplished.

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