Your Industry Your Future

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Each business type, size and segment have unique economics, competitors and consumers.

Whether your business is large or small, local or international, startup or established, it has unique challenges that you face everyday.

You need to secure your market position that’s right in your industry and your company.

Some Industries Served
Retail Consumer
Financial ServicesTravel Solar/Energy
ServicesEcommerce Chemicals
ManufacturingConsulting Healthcare

We know these industries well and what to do to give you an advantage.

Business Size

The phase of your business greatly affects the scale and types of services you may need.


Generate funding
Angels or Seed
Find staffing
Grow salesHave a plan to scale
PivotMarket low pend and big results
Long hoursPassion
CreativityTrade dollars for equity

Independent Company – Past Start-up

VisionFinancial planningMeasured expansion
Planned marketing spendProducts consistencyGrab more market share
Developing distinct
Culture Momentum
Right tax status Incorporate state Avoid copycats
Help your business grow

Medium-Sized Company

Forward strategySustain growthGreat cust experience
Staffing (fit and skill)Clear responsibilitiesCulture for function
Re-invent when rightSolid technology and
Create efficiencies
Distribution channels Finance and spendInvest in product
Benefits Staff accountabilityCharitable
Tax decisionsInstall solid metricsGoing public?
Sensitivity w/ family bizReliable partnersCoordinate in synchrony
Looking to the future with innovation

Large Company

Enlightened vision
FocusInternal comm.Open to acquire
Power of the marketManage executive performanceTransform Plans to last forever
Reorganize to
align with objectives
Not a commodityStrategic
Legislative, political, regulatory
Balanced portfolioEmployees value & rewardsHierarchy, matrix
and collaboration
Marketing central & targeted
Advance strengthsImprove
Evaluate internally and externallyCharitable at
national & local level
You’ve conquered the world. Now what?

International Company

International is exciting and unique. And, any size business can have an international component.

But, there are real differences: economic markets, regulations, customs may be involved, culture, sales process, deals format, marketing, payment different (supply a service or object along with money) and product use maybe different.

Also price adjustments might become a factor.

In many instances international consumers and businesses thirst for your products.

In other instances, you work symbiotically. In some instances, you will work with an country intermediary who brokers your product into another country.

And, in manufacturing, technology or large service-based organizations, you use off-shore resources to manage costs. There is also the possibility that you use a component you source from another country.

If you are going international, AWS can help you make the pieces come together.

Product / Schedule and Tactics

Depending on your business focus, any-size company can have complex needs.  AWS will work with you to scope your projects, timeline and budget to ensure everything happens with quality.

AWS’ is more than a service provider.  We are also you sounding-board and cavalry.

Along the process and projects, we will meet and connect regularly to ensure we are on-scope or can quickly adapt to a change in scope.

Tap our knowledge-base to reach your next business pinnacle.

Ready to See, Transform, Market and Prosper?

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